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All too often, talented professionals miss golden opportunities in the job market because they don't know how to effectively sell themselves. The problem? The written word.  Here's where Resume Muse can help and why you can feel confident working with us.  Resume Muse is a premiere resume writing service.  Our mission is to provide our clients with a unique, one-of-a-kind document that outlines and sells their individual experience, talents, and skill sets. 


President and CEO, Melody Carlock, has over 19 years of experience in Human Resources, Temporary Staffing, Headhunting, Long Line Recruiting, Project Management, Training and Development, and Public Relations as well as Sales and Marketing in a variety of industries. She carries a B.A. in Mass Communications from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale (Carbondale, Illinois) and a M.S. in Communications (emphasis in Interpersonal and Multicultural Communications) from Illinois State University (Normal, Illinois).


She has reviewed literally thousands of resumes in her career and has worked closely with hiring authorities to find the "right fit" for the positions they are looking to fill.  She has also been employed as a hiring authority and has hired contract and permanent technical employees (i.e., Information Technology, Automotive Engineering, Project Managers, etc.) as well as temporary and permanent hourly employees (i.e., Administrative Assistants, Entry Level-new graduates, Warehouse Workers, etc.).   She has a keen eye for what employers look for and knows how to deliver a resume that will catapult an employment candidate straight to the top of the resume pile. 


With the combination of her training, experience, and education, Resume Muse can offer you a "Get Noticed" Cover Letter, Resume, Salary History, and Reference Sheet.  Each resume is thorough, detailed and poignant.  Resume Muse clients continuously receive call backs on their resumes and have landed a new job within 1-2 weeks of interviewing.  Even new graduates, with very minimal experience, have had the same results and have received high praise on their resume and their ability to sell themselves effectively.  We know what employers are looking for and the work we do produces fast, effective results. 


In addition to our resume services, we also offer one-on-one job interview coaching.  Resume Muse works with several highly successful, seasoned headhunters with over 10 years of individual experience in recruiting.  Our headhunters will call you at your convenience and coach you on what to expect in an interview.  They will walk you through a mock interview, coaching you on what types of questions to expect and how to go about answering them.  Most importantly, they will coach you on those unexpected questions employers like to throw out at you; the ones that can often make or break the interview.  They will review with you how to prepare for an interview, what to bring with you and will also instruct you on how to open and close the interview; two very important steps in obtaining the position you are after!

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